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Memories…On a Stick

Memories…On a Stick

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Affinity Aviation have been running scenic flights over Sydney and its surroundings for the better part of an eternity now and yet we have not tired of the outstanding views our favourite city provides. One of the biggest thrills of our job is to watch our passengers experience the thrill of seeing Sydney from above for the first time – and, admittedly – to show off our local knowledge by all the best angles and vantage points. In fact, we know a tour is going well when our passengers are too busy having their minds blown to remember taking photos…and now, because we’re that kind of a company, we’ve come up with a new offer to make sure you get to keep your memories forever without any effort of your own.

It is a universally accepted fact that everything is better on a stick. Ice cream, sausages, freaky swirly potatoes, smoked fish…everything. So, in keeping with this indubitable truth, Affinity Aviation now offer memories on a stick – or, if you prefer, a memory stick.

This new service allows our passengers to kick back and feast their eyes directly on all the excellence below – without a phone screen or a camera lense in between – while our Go Pro (an impossibly fancy onboard camera, to put it simply) happily snaps away. This nifty little device takes a picture every five seconds, from the moment we take off at Bankstown, so even a thirty-minute flight will yield a fair few photos, to say the least.

Whether you are off on a Sydney Harbour Scenic Helicopter Flight or are taking the day off to go on a Sydney Southern Highlands Helicopter Wine Tour, sharing your memories of high-flying adventure with your friends or simply revisiting them yourself has never been easier.
For $29 Affinity Aviation will provide you with over 400 photographs of your helicopter flight experience. Simply tell our staff that you would like to take advantage of this optional extra and your memory stick will be ready to go when you’re ready to leave the airport after your tour.

But it gets better yet! Imagine this:  You have had a ball taking a helicopter ride over the Sydney Harbour. Weather – great. Pilot – delightful. Views – outstanding. And then, you get home and every single picture you have taken is blurry or otherwise not at all what you wanted.
Never fear.
If you are a previous customer and would like to order a stick of memories retrospectively, you can. Simply contact Affinity Aviation and tell us the date and time of your helicopter flight. We keep our Go Pro images on file for quite some time, so we can most likely provide you with shots from your actual flight. Day saved. You’re welcome.

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