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Making Each Minute Count

Making Each Minute Count

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Time is precious, we know. There’s never enough of it, especially when it comes to doing something just for the fun of it. We spend so much time being sensible – working, cleaning, shopping for food and toilet paper…in short, adulting – that it can be hard to find moments to just do something enjoyable. Affinity Aviation Sydney has a bold suggestion for those of you, who spent your lives being reasonable, productive and grown up. Why not set aside just 30-60 minutes out of your adult existence for what could potentially be the funnest thing ever? Like, just for example, a helicopter flight?

Our Sydney Harbour Scenic Helicopter Flight packages are the perfect solution for the chronically over-worked and under-funned, looking for a little adventure. ‘Little’ being very loosely applied here; because while our helicopter tours of Sydney Harbour are short enough to fit into anyone’s schedule, they do deliver the gross excitement of an average months in the life of…let’s say…a professional thrill seeker…of some kind.
Whether you go for the 30, 40 or 60 minute option, you will get be amazed just how much essence of awesome can be distilled in such a narrow timeframe.

Affinity Aviation Sydney tours of Sydney Harbour take off from Bankstown airport and even the shortest flight gives you some of the most spectacular sights our fair city has to offer. A cruise over the harbour, including outrageous angles of the iconic Sydney Opera House and the wild architectural accomplishment that is the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and a swoop over the beautiful Sydney Botanical Gardens are the bare standard of our tours.
But that is not all. The 30-minute Sydney Harbour Scenic Helicopter Flight will also treat you to a sweeping run over the Parramatta River and a birds’ eye view of Chiswick, Hunters’ Hill and Balmain – every minute in the air will be used to maximise your personal enjoyment.

The 40 and 60 minute extended helicopter tours of Sydney, will make use of our hometurf’s outstanding coastline; whisking you away for a flight over Manly, Sydney Heads and Long Reef. There is something about the sheer variety of views Sydney offers when seen from above, that is liable to blow even the most jaded of minds.

Best of all, Affinity Aviation Sydney takes great pride in offering not just the finest helicopter sightseeing tours you could ever wish to partake in, we offer them at the most affordable rates. Ever. Starting at just $140, our Sydney Harbour Scenic Helicopter Flights are suitable for even the tiniest of entertainment budgets; making sure there’s not the slightest hint of remorse as you treat yourself to many minutes of heavenly joy.

If you feel it’s been too long since you gave yourself a break – however short it might be – and would like to treat yourself to a truly unforgettable experience, contact Affinity Aviation Sydney today and let us take you out, up and beyond. We look forward to flying with you soon!

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