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Modern Times

Modern Times

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At Affinity Aviation Sydney we firmly believe in honouring our flying forefathers, so here is a fun fact for you:  The first helicopter flight (or, to be honest, the first time a pilot became airborne in an untethered helicopter-like construction) took the lucky pilot to the dizzying height of one foot and lasted for 20 seconds. The ingenious inventor and pilot was Frenchman Paul Cornu, and we remove our chapeaus to salute him.
At the time – 13th November 1907 – this was enough to make spectators and inventors freak out at the incredible array of possibilities that had just been opened up. The idea of the helicopter had gone from far-fetched to feasible in less than a minute, which it set off a frenzy of experimentation and invention. Still, if you had told these aviation pioneers that just over a hundred years later, anyone who felt so inclined could book themselves a leisurely cruise in a fully air-conditioned, enclosed and leather-seated helicopter, they may have been reluctant to believe.

Lucky for you, modern times are well and truly upon us and if you want to experience the thrill of helicopter flight first hand, there is absolutely nothing stopping you.
Affinity Aviation Sydney offer scenic flights and day trips to fit any budget and time-frame, so there is no reason to delay your high-flying adventure any further.

For those of you keen to take to the air and drink in the spectacular sights of fair Sydney from up above, the Sydney Harbour Scenic Helicopter Flight is just the ticket. Whether you choose the speedy option of a 30-minute flight or decide to extend it to 40 or even 60 minutes of cruising on high; we guarantee you than by the end you will have gained a whole new perspective on Sydney and the possibilities of private aviation.
The Sydney Harbour Scenic Helicopter Flight covers the iconic Sydney Harbour itself – with special attention to the Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House – as well as the Sydney Botanical Gardens and the sweeping Parramatta River.

If you would rather make a day of it – seeing as one doesn’t charter a helicopter all that often – the Sydney Southern Highlands Helicopter Wine Tour has everything you could possibly as for…and then some. This helicopter tour package gives you all the highlights of the Harbour Scenic Flight, whisking you away for a quick peak at the coastline before heading inland to gorgeous Bendooley Estate for a three-course meal, cellar door wine tasting and some leisure time exploring the rolling hills of this vineyard.

It’s true that the day and age we live in comes with a lot of pressures and stresses; but in terms of adventure possibilities, there is quite a lot to be said for modern times. And, take our word for it, it’s really quite easy to look at the bright side when you’re cruising above it all in your private aircraft.
Contact Affinity Aviation Sydney today and take advantage of being alive here and now – we look forward to flying with you soon!

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