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Captured Magic To Go!

Captured Magic To Go!

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Have you ever noticed how photography – something reserved for special occasions – has become a part of our daily lives? Since the arrival of the smart phone (at the latest) we have been snapping pictures of everything from our morning coffees to our children’s sleeping faces…to keep, to share, to never look at again.
Of course there are some things that are much better when you experience them without a camera lens or a phone screen in between you and the action; flying in a helicopter, for example. Wouldn’t it be nice to just be able to enjoy the ride without having to worry about taking pictures to show off to your earth-bound mates later?
Because Affinity Aviation Sydney wants you to get the most out of your private aviation experience, we’ve come up with a simple-yet-ingenious solution: While you soak up the thrill of flying high, we’ll take care of the photographic evidence.

Before you ask: No. We won’t cramp you style by putting an extra person on your flight to take pictures for you. And, no:  obviously our pilot will have his hands too full to do anything apart from ferry you safely across the wide-open sky.
However, Affinity Aviation Sydney have a delightful piece of technology – the GoPro – mounted securely on our deluxe aircraft to take care of all your photographic needs.
This epic, high-resolution action camera takes – insert drumroll – a photo every five seconds!
Making the chances of you missing out on capturing even the smallest bit of awesome an even zero.

At the end of your flight you will have the option of taking home over 400 pictures of your flight on a convenient USB stick; enough to feed your online profiles for years, if you so choose. You can add this feature to any Affinity Aviation Sydney Scenic Flight for only $29.

If you have taken a helicopter tour with Affinity Aviation Sydney in the past and are now rolling your eyes at the unfairness of this new feature – Good News!
Even if you have flown with us months ago, the option of purchasing your 400+ helicopter tour photographs is still open to you. We have a pretty substantial back-catalogue of GoPro images from past tours; so, if you’ve lost your own photos or are unhappy with the quality, shoot us an email with the date and time of your scenic helicopter tour and we will unearth epic imagery.

So there you have it – through the miracles of modern technology and the human kindness of our air-and-ground crew, a good thing just got even better.
Whether you would like to book a helicopter tour, including photographs, or want to get pictures from a past tour, contact Affinity Aviation and let our friendly staff sort you out. We look forward to flying with you soon!

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