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The High Life

The High Life

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Are you experiencing a mid-year crisis?  You know the one; the niggling and a little unspecific feeling that the year is half over and very little out of the ordinary has occurred. The kind of feeling that makes you wish for a little extra adventure. Affinity Aviation Sydney doesn’t just sympathise, we also offer a range of little extra adventures that will put enough pep in your step to last you all the way to Christmas.

The wonderful thing about our aviation adventures is that they are suited to all ages, all budgets and all time constraints. You can charter yourself a helicopter for as short a time as half an hour or opt to spend the better part of a day cruising at high altitude in extreme comfort – and, best of all, you can take a friend or two along for the journey.

If you need to satisfy your cravings for high-flying excitement, but don’t have much time or much spare cash, Affinity Aviation Sydney’s Sydney Harbour Scenic Helicopter Flight packages are just the thing for you. Our shortest sightseeing flight runs for just 30 minutes and starts at just $140 per person. We challenge you to argue with that – there is simply no more affordable helicopter sightseeing tour in all of Sydney.

Even the most basic of our city cruises gives you a chance to marvel at the epic panorama of Sydney Harbour, take a spin above the Sydney Opera House, wave to the climbers atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge and admire the Sydney Bontanical Gardens and a few select suburbs.
If you have a little more time, consider our extended 40 and 60 minute Sydney Harbour Scenic Helicopter Flights, which include some amazing coastal and beach views.

Of course, if time is no object, perhaps you might prefer to get out of town and explore the beautiful surrounding countryside, specifically the Southern Highlands. For lovers of fine wine and gourmet food, Affinity Aviation Sydney offer the Sydney Southern Highlands Vineyard Helicopter Tour.
This spectacular day out – about five hours of fun in the air and on terra firma – whisks you away to scenic Bendooley Estate for a three-course gourmet meal, a cellar door wine tasting and a spectacular scenic flight including views of Sydney Harbour, the coastal panoramas and the gorgeous Southern Highlands themselves.

A change is as good as a holiday, as they say, and when you book a Sydney Southern Highlands Vineyard Helicopter Tour, you will find yourself returning in a state of such deep relaxation, you’ll feel as though you’ve been away for a week.
The experience of leaving town in your private helicopter will leave you thrilled; and the chance to explore the delightful vineyard setting at your leisure will massage your very soul with a balm of pure serenity.

Contact Affinity Aviation Sydney today to book yourself in for a once-in-a-lifetime aviation experience that will chase those pesky mid-year malaise away. We look forward to flying with you soon!


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