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Need a Helping Helicopter?

Need a Helping Helicopter?

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Helicopters are marvelous – there’s simply no argument about this – every lift off is magical, no matter how seasoned a pilot you are. However, all fun and games and joy-flying aside, helicopters are incredibly practical and incredibly versatile. Affinity Aviation Sydney offer a wide range of services that go far beyond our, admittedly spectacular, scenic tours and vineyard excursions; yea, we know, we’re just as useful as we are fun…it’s a bit outrageous.

If you require specialised aerial work services, Affinity Aviation Sydney is your one-stop-shop for prompt, affordable and professional helicoptering solutions. We have been offering aerial work services in the greater Sydney and Central New South Wales area for years; truth be told, you’d be hard-pressed to find an area we haven’t flown over at least once during our work expeditions.
No matter which industry sector you are active in, what your timeframe is and what particular service you require, Affinity Aviation Sydney is ready to lend a hand.

The wonderful thing about hiring a chopper for any aerial work services you might require – including project site inspections or property inspections – is that it can virtually reduce the time a task will take by half. Especially when you are dealing with sites in remote locations and need to bring clients or investors along for an inspection; being transported from a somewhere as central as Bankstown Airport directly to the site is incredibly convenient; not too mention that the birds-eye view of a site will provide a whole new level of perspective on any project.

Aerial Survey Tasks are another of our many specialties. We have taken our choppers out to perform powerline surveys, pipeline surveys, vegetation surveys and land/property surveys. Affinity Aviation Sydney are veterans when it comes to aerial imagery capture, so if you require photographic evidence, we are more than willing and able to accommodate you.

While we love showing off our beautiful regions best features to visitors and locals alike; Affinity Aviation Sydney are well aware of the high-risk of natural disasters in the greater Sydney area. Fire reconnaissance and hotspot identification, as well as natural disaster and emergency reconnaissance are also part of the services we offer. We take this particular service extremely seriously and have experienced first-hand the difference early detection and preparation can make.

Whether you are in need of a chopper to help you along with a building project or would like to keep abreast of what it happening on your property, contact Affinity Aviation Sydney today and inquire about our aerial work services. We look forward to working with you soon.

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