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Vivid Sydney – From Above

Vivid Sydney – From Above

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Vivid is coming!!! The transformative festival of arts, ideas, music and excellence is about to set our town on fire from the 24th of May to the 15th of June. Sydney, already positively sparkling at its worst, is getting ready to go supernova. Wherever you look something exciting is happening – but just imagine how amazing it would be to rise above the Vivid madness and check it all out from above.
Well, guess what! With Affinity Aviation Sydney you can experience vivid Sydney like you never have before.

Our Sydney Harbour Scenic Helicopter Flight route – a winner even outside special event times – is simply perfect for checking out some of the golden nuggets the festival has to offer.
Leaving from Bankstown airport, Affinity Aviation Sydney whisks you away towards the harbour, giving you a glimpse of the streets teeming with visitors soaking up the cultural goodness.
On our way over the Botanical Gardens, we urge you to keep an eye out for the “Dancing Grass” an installation so hugely spectacular you can even spot it from above – blown minds guaranteed.

As we go on to Sydney Harbour – home to the world-famous Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge – keep an ear out for any bits of soundcheck you might hear…the opera house is hosting some incredible gigs during Vivid.
However, that is not all. If you time your Scenic Helicopter Flight well, around about dusk, you get to see the Harbour Lights from up above and let us tell you…actually, we can’t tell you, we have no words for the staggering vista that ensues once the sun goes down and the lights go on. Suffice it to say: it is wild.

Our Sydney Harbour Scenic Helicopter Flights – be it the half hour option or the extended full hour flight – are a wonderful way to gain a fresh perspective on Sydney, especially during exceedingly busy times like the final festival week. There is something oddly calming about soaring above the overflowing streets; and Affinity Aviation Sydney makes sure you get ample time taking in the urban view with particular focus on the suburbs of Balmain, Chiswick and Hunter’s Hill.

Whether you’re a local Sydneysider or a visitor in town for some amazing art, lectures or music; there has never been a better time to cruise above our fine city in a hired helicopter. A little glitz, a little glamour and a whole lot of spectacular has never hurt anyone.

So, if you want to get the high-flying harbour experience during Vivid season, contact Affinity Aviation Sydney and book your outstanding aviation experience today. We look forward to flying with you soon!

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