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The Great Country Escape

The Great Country Escape

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Are you just about over big city living? Are you becoming disenchanted with packed public transport, congested roads, being unable to secure a decent table in any dining establishment worth your time? Then maybe, just maybe, it is time to head out of town and get a breath of fresh air, alongside some adventure and a bit of outrageous tucker. If so, Affinity Aviation Sydney are more than happy to facilitate your getaway – and we have an excellent escape plan ready to go.

Our Southern Highlands Helicopter Wine Tour is the perfect package if you desperately want some time away but don’t actually have time to be away. When you book our flying vineyard escapade, all you need is five hours to spare and a good friend or two – unless you prefer to fly solo, of course – and we will take care of everything else for you.

All Affinity Aviation Sydney tours depart from Bankstown Airport and our Southern Highlands Helicopter Wine Tour begins with a leisurely cruise above some of Sydney’s most iconic landmarks.  Even if you are craving the wide-open plains of the highlands, admiring our fine – if at times a bit crazy – city from above might put you in a slightly more forgiving mood; for even if she is busy, hectic and demanding, she is pretty outstandingly beautiful…

Before we head off into the countryside, Affinity Aviation Sydney takes you for a spin over Sydney Harbour to check out the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge, followed by a ride along the sweeping coastline, taking in Bondi and Cronulla beach, all the way to Sea Cliff Bridge.
From there we will whisk you off into the Southern Highlands proper, taking the long way of course, so you can truly feast your eyes on the gorgeous panoramas mother nature prepared just for you.

Our final destination – quite aside from the fact that when you travel with Affinity Aviation Sydney the journey is of course part of the destination – is Bendooley Estate, a boutique vineyard nestled in the rolling hills of the highlands. You have about three hours to explore your new beautiful surroundings, so take your time and go for a stroll before returning for a three-course gourmet lunch, featuring the best of local produce.
Yes, there is of course a bottle of Bendooley Estate wine – and if that is not enough, Affinity Aviation Sydney’s country escape also includes a cellar door wine tasting.

Once you’ve been wined, dined and unwound by the serene scenery, it is time for the closing highlight of your day away – the scenic helicopter flight back to Bankstown, via Camden and Picton, to give you a glimpse of Sydney’s charmingly rustic surrounds. We guarantee you’ll arrive back in the hustle and bustle of town as fresh as if you’d been away for weeks.

If it’s time to take a little time and make the most of it, contact Affinity Aviation Sydney today and we’ll arrange for your minds to be blown and your bodies and souls to be pampered. You deserve it.

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