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Get Mum High this Mothers’ Day

Get Mum High this Mothers’ Day

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Mothers’ Day is nearly upon us! If you have a delightful mother and plan to show her some serious appreciating, you only have until Sunday (May 12th, you’re welcome) to pull out all the stops. If this has you reaching for the glue and dry macaroni, Affinity Aviation Sydney urge you to reconsider. Assuming you are an adult, your mum has all the handmade cards, paper-pearl necklaces and penholders she could ever need. The pool room is full. It’s time to give your mothers a gift they will appreciated forever, without having to dust it once: time to get your mummy high as a…helicopter.

No two mothers are the same – so make sure to check out all of Affinity Aviation Sydney amazing offers! Whether your mum is on a tight schedule and needs to swift-yet-outstanding treat or you prefer to spend long leisurely afternoons together; we have the helicoptering solution that suits your mum down to the T.

If your mother needs a holiday but there’s just not enough time to organise a cruise until Sunday, never fear. Our Sydney Southern Highlands Helicopter Wine Tour gives you the complete holiday-illusion in just over five hours.
It includes luxurious air travel in genuine style; mum, you and, if you feel so inclined, one more beloved human being, hit the skies in Affinity Aviation Sydney’s comfortable, air conditioned and deeply stylish chopper.
It includes sightseeing, as we will take you for a tour of Sydney and a spin up the coastline before heading into the heartland.
It includes a gorgeous destination, namely Bendooley Estate, a scenic vineyard nestled amongst the rolling hills of the highlands.
It includes local delicacies – three courses of them! And a bottle of house wine…and also, just to make sure all bases are covered, a cellar door wine tasting.
Your mum will feel as though she’s been away for a week by the time you return to Bankstown airport; and you will be in the good books like never before.

If time is of the essence, our Sydney Harbour Scenic Helicopter Flight will give you a chance to make your mother’s day and still have time to do whatever else is on. Our tours of the harbour and some select adjacent attractions start at 30 minutes in the air and can be extended to 40 minutes or the full hour. No matter how long you choose to make your mother queen of the world, you will get the full tour of Sydney Harbour – Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge…you know, general cosmopolitan excellence – as well as spin above the Botanical Garden. Extended tours include breathtaking vistas of Sydney Heads, Manly and Long Reef. And all tours come with a maternal satisfaction guarantee.

Where would you be without your mother…we honestly don’t know. But – and this we can state very confidently – come Sunday there is one place you shouldn’t be without your mother: inside a chartered chopper, having the time of your life. Which you owe to your mother…just saying.
Contact Affinity Aviation today and be the favourite for the year. We look forward to flying with you soon.

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