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Showing Off 101 – Aerial Photography

Showing Off 101 – Aerial Photography

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Sometimes, when you really need to impress, there is nothing like a little assistance to get you off to a flying start – literally. Whether you are planning to sell property or are up to your elbows in an ambitious creative project; aerial photography and cinematography is bound to help elevate your undertaking. In every sense of the word.
Affinity Aviation Sydney are more than equipped to give your project wings – no matter what its nature.

Over the years, our pilots have gathered a veritable ton of experience when it comes to aerial photography and cinematography. We’ve worked with some of the biggest commercial and residential real estate companies of the Sydney area; so even if this is your first time taking to the air with a camera, never fear, we know our stuff and are happy to help.
Whether you are looking to show off the chocolate side, so to speak, of a gorgeous waterfront property, inner city hot spot or sprawling rural acreage, Affinity Aviation Sydney will get you not just here but into the perfect position to get the shots you want.

Yes, our pilots are true artists when it comes to mile-high navigation, but they have become budding artists in many other aspects as well. Understanding the impact of light and shade, knowing just where to hover to make sure everything looks just so, zeroing in on particular features of your location of choice…not wanting to flatter them too much, but it has become somewhat second nature to our champion flyers.

The same goes, naturally, for any more creative endeavours you might be undertaking. Whether you are in need of a dramatic vista, an action sequence captured from up above or a sweeping view exuding serenity, we are with you all the way.
Affinity Aviation Sydney has flown all over Sydney and its surrounds for years; we’ve seen town and country in all possible lights, weather conditions and from all angles imaginable. So, while we won’t cramp your style – we’re here to make your vision a reality after all – don’t hesitate to tap into our bottomless well of local knowledge and atmospheric expertise.

Flying high, flying low, providing crazy angles and hovering for long stretches of time – none of this is a challenge. And, just to make sure you have an unobstructed shot, Affinity Aviation Sydney’s nimble little choppers have removeable doors; meaning that all between you and the image of your dreams is thin air.

If you are looking for able assistance in your aerial photography or cinematography project, contact Affinity Aviation Sydney today. We look forward to working with you soon – your success is our success.

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